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What would Alexis recommend be the top 10 makeup essentials that every woman should own?

AV - This is always such a personal question, we all have different needs or wants in our appearance, and essence. To make this broader for all of us ladies how about not necessarily in this order.

  1. Mascara can't go out of the house with out it lol!
  2. Lipstain for certain it rocks!
  3. Delete Delete my under eye Concealer. I have even uesd it in a pinch for even quick cover up when I need foundation touch up & the cream powder works great to set it. Many uses this duo has!! Love love it!
  4. GLOSS is so youthful and I find it help my lips never get dry or cracked ever!
  5. BROW PENCILS omgsh brows make your face! Period end of story lol
  6. Pudgy Pencils are amazing so you can always get the liner thin or smudgy style with these to emphasize your eyes! Soft or stronger up to you!
  7. Bronzers are great for some color or contouring or both!! Even eye shadow too! Gives you a real lift like you went to the Beach;)! In a rush I will...
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Wednesday, May 11, 2016 4:43:59 PM America/Los_Angeles By Alexis Vogel 0 Comments Alexis & Pamela,

Has Pam ever done your makeup

Submitted by: Tammi Gilbert

AV - What a cute and sweet question Ha~! She has put some Lips on me before more than a few times. Usually gloss late after a dinner and we are out & about on the town! I wish I had more dish on this one it is pretty simple you see my AV makeup stays on so well that we hardly ever need to re-apply anything through hours on set, shoots and flights for 24 hours plus. The "No Touch Up" Makeup; that is what I should have called this line LOL :) I am now going to make her do my eyes just for fun so I can answer this question with much more juice to it. I want to see how well she does that is going to be a hoot! She is very artistic thought and a great eye for Art, she is a good photographer herself so I imagine she will do an excellent job. Great question so I will revisit this soon to add more good stuff ;) x0x Thank you, Alexis

Have you ever tried your hand at acting?

Submitted by: Tammi Gilbert

AV - I love Acting and yes it is a natural act for me! I feel more comfortable in front of a camera to be honest in a room full of hundreds of people or on camera at QVC in front of 80 Million Viewers- then I do going into a smaller group of people I don't know, or even at a pa...

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Thursday, April 7, 2016 11:03:07 AM America/Los_Angeles By Alexis Vogel 1 Comments Alexis & Pamela,

Please describe your skincare regimen

Submitted by: Dianna Pietrzak

AV - Love Skin Care it feels so good and the results if done well are amazing! I am a stickler with skin care most of the time depending on my travel schedule. If I am on the road over seas it is a pretty grueling Itinerary, so not much time to really do what I normally would. So when I am more home I may over due for the times of traveling when I can't! I do and sometimes my clients if we are going 1,000 miles an hour we sleep or cat nap in our Makeup and yes it is true we do. It stays on well but you can not sleep on your face!! It is an easy touch up session in the morning or when ever we have to be Camera or Interview ready!! Yes AV Makeup stays up 48 hours if need be with some touch ups!! I am long winded because I usually have a story to go with my answers so they paint the picture for you.

Normal Face routine:

  1. Bedtime- as it is right now 3:21 am in the morning and I am still working here LOL I will use a Neutrogena...
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 3:17:44 PM America/Los_Angeles By Alexis Vogel 0 Comments Alexis & Pamela,

What is the best way to keep your makeup looking fresh throughout the day without looking cakey?

Submitted by: Alicia Sarabia

AV - This is a great question to ask. First you must start out with high quality professional products, so that is one thing that should never happen. Then make sure not to use too much moisturizer under your foundation! Many people think that will prevent dryness or aka “Cakey-ness” but it adds to the issue by not allowing the Foundation to perform. It actually will make it worse.

Make sure you exfoliate the dead skin cells off at least 2-3 times a week with a gentle scrub.  I prefer to do it in the shower with the warm steamy air while your skin is more supple,  it is kinder to the skin ;)! Dry skin certainly adds to Foundations getting cakey so keep health of skin managed & hydrated at nite! Then you are always ready for flawless in the day time.

I have one product that is a performer. My Facial Cocktail Mist, I pioneered this product as many tried over the years...

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Sunday, March 20, 2016 9:26:36 PM America/Los_Angeles By Alexis Vogel 2 Comments Alexis & Pamela,
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