What would Alexis recommend be the top 10 makeup essentials that every woman should own?

AV - This is always such a personal question, we all have different needs or wants in our appearance, and essence. To make this broader for all of us ladies how about not necessarily in this order.

  1. Mascara can't go out of the house with out it lol!
  2. Lipstain for certain it rocks!
  3. Delete Delete my under eye Concealer. I have even uesd it in a pinch for even quick cover up when I need foundation touch up & the cream powder works great to set it. Many uses this duo has!! Love love it!
  4. GLOSS is so youthful and I find it help my lips never get dry or cracked ever!
  5. BROW PENCILS omgsh brows make your face! Period end of story lol
  6. Pudgy Pencils are amazing so you can always get the liner thin or smudgy style with these to emphasize your eyes! Soft or stronger up to you!
  7. Bronzers are great for some color or contouring or both!! Even eye shadow too! Gives you a real lift like you went to the Beach;)! In a rush I will use if I don't have time for my Blush
  8. Shimmer Lotions like my Halo Hi lights use on face like a moisturizer but get the shimmer FX or use as a hi lighter. Makes you look so youthful
  9. Foundation of course.
  10. RED Lipstick like my Siren it can dress you up in seconds or give you a Style when you haven't the time to dress up ;)!! Love it look at Gwen or many of the Stars a go to is Red do not be afraid of it. Bold up ladies it is a Classic!!

Hope this helps!

What is the best over the counter faux Botox?

AV - There is no such thing that is good. DO NOT GO THERE, DON'T DO IT OR USE THAT. If you really do need it get the real deal please do not mess around. Your face is YOU never risk anything for beauty sake~ I would rather have some lines I earned then a messed up botched face. xo

Pam - I’m not a fan of Botox - your face has to move somewhere - I feel getting botox may remove wrinkles on forehead but they end up around your nose - it’s worse

Girls what is the best way of determining the best color face makeup for your skin tone?

Pam - Thats an Alexis question - but I find I have to go darker and more olive than I think

Favorite perfumes and why, best I love essential oils, healing ancient perfumes - what would cleopatra wear?

Pam - I have a scent called LOVE that I created using essential oils - secret potion

Who is the best person you both have meet and why and is there any one you would like to meet that you have not?

Pam - Wow - thats hard to say - I’ve met so many incredible people-I thinks as a woman I’m very blessed to have a few good girl friends, my mom is amazing - my great aunt and I were very close - as women - we need women to look up to and for women to look up to us to feel complete

If you both had to choose another career in life what would it be?

Submitted By: Serina Conliffe

Pam - I love to write. I've written a lot of poetry, short stories even a few plays, I also love architecture, I am still building my house sustainably - it is a challenge - I like post modern - Lautner, Ando

Alexis, where do you get your inspiration?

Submitted By: Genea Mackenzie Lee

Pam - The bombshells come to mind

What's the best way to make your lips look plump and full, please?

Submitted By: Carol Diane O’Brocki

Pam - Lots of tricks for this and no injections needed

Who broke your hearts and do you still talk?

Pam - I only speak with Tommy - the father of my kids - the others don’t talk to me - it’s a mutual feeling - I guess - I know the last husband I had - I’ll never allow myself to be around

Favorite ways to stay hydrated?

Submitted By: Adrienne Alton-Gust

AV - Coconut & Aloe Waters, Fuji my Favorite, Cucumber water is great, a good flat Italian water with Lemon & Lime wedges, Watermelon Juice yes sugar but amazing! Ground up fresh Mint a lot of it in a good water never tap is awesome too for breath, digestion & anti oxidants!

Pam - I have to drink more water - As a Canadian - we drank water out of the tap - so bottled water always tasted funny to me - I could taste the plastic? I only drink water out of glass bottles. I use to have a kengan water filter - that was a good way to do it.

Pam are you voting for Trump? Would love to know

Submitted By: Elizabeth Houle

Pam - Absolutely not - he is everything I would never want my children to be - he is the lowest form of man - and repeats himself over and over, feeding into peoples fears - the media has been very irresponsible giving this guy any air time

Being vegan do you have any tricks for weight loss for us girlies?

Submitted By: Elizabeth Houle

Pam - I love weight watchers. My Mom and close friends do it - I just got the app - it not only helps you lose weight - it teaches you about food and doing enough activity during the day - it helps maintain and I enjoy it - it’s like a game - and really works

I am a platinum blonde what color pencil should I use for my eyebrows?

Submitted By: Jackie Miller Hawkins

Pam - I love dark eyebrows - just not too thick - but my favorite photos are when I’ve gone darker on brows - Look at the old glamorous movie stars - beautiful

How do you make Pams eyes, and your models eyes pop out like that? I love that sexy, dramatic look, but I have no idea how to do that.

Submitted By: Lisa Parizanski

Pam - It’s all about the angles - get your shaper out

How do you maintain a more youthful appearance as we inevitably age? As you are the queen and always will be of makeup application.

Kendra Dawson Matlock

Pam - You can wear a lot of makeup when applied right - don’t fall for whats “chic”or “instill” do what makes you feel beautiful - and if you powder - mist over top and that helps remove some of the powder that likes to sink into skin

Pam and Alexis you as well, how do you both stay positive with negativity and gossip?

Kendra Dawson Matlock

Pam - I avoid the tabloids - I have learned not to pay attention - it’s heart breaking at times - You just have to know that you are loved by the people that know you the best-and thats enough - especially with social media - it’s created a culture of bullies

For the both of you - what is your favorite perfume? And Pam better not say coconut oil lol

Heather La Palme

AV - I love perfumes they are better then coffee in the morning sets the tone & my mood for the day. I have about 5 favorites & use mostly 3 but I do like to change it up now and then depending on what I am doing. Working out is one scent for me or dating another ;) Riding horses a less intense smell !! In order: I love Chanel Chance , Agent Provocateur, Issey Miyake, Jo Malone London Pomegranate Noir, Beyond Paradise Estee Lauder,

Pam - Essential oils - close. I love coconut oil too