Has Pam ever done your makeup

Submitted by: Tammi Gilbert

AV - What a cute and sweet question Ha~! She has put some Lips on me before more than a few times. Usually gloss late after a dinner and we are out & about on the town! I wish I had more dish on this one it is pretty simple you see my AV makeup stays on so well that we hardly ever need to re-apply anything through hours on set, shoots and flights for 24 hours plus. The "No Touch Up" Makeup; that is what I should have called this line LOL :) I am now going to make her do my eyes just for fun so I can answer this question with much more juice to it. I want to see how well she does that is going to be a hoot! She is very artistic thought and a great eye for Art, she is a good photographer herself so I imagine she will do an excellent job. Great question so I will revisit this soon to add more good stuff ;) x0x Thank you, Alexis

Have you ever tried your hand at acting?

Submitted by: Tammi Gilbert

AV - I love Acting and yes it is a natural act for me! I feel more comfortable in front of a camera to be honest in a room full of hundreds of people or on camera at QVC in front of 80 Million Viewers- then I do going into a smaller group of people I don't know, or even at a party of friends sometimes? I don't know why maybe being on sets my entire life practically it is 2nd nature. Working with so many Actors and running lines with them in the MU Chair is a great experience the best!! It is a wonderful thing to try if you have the heart and depth for it. I am extremely layered and deep. Part of being an artist I guess so I find it challenging but so incredible. It fascinates me and I do go regularly when my schedule permits to acting classes & workshops!! I have been on TV shows, so many smaller bits and pieces. I did my Infomercial ten years ago that was a great experience but I got to be ME!! It still played 24/7 on most channels & networks for several years! None the less you still need to feel and express life & emotion to your audience no matter how you are feeling good or not that day, you have to perform and the Show must go on! Oh I could go on forever with this question so the closest thing for me because I gave my life to creating Images, Makeup Artistry and special Makeup Products for all of us. Acting or the classes that has become my Hobby now. If I were to be able to retire, say tomorrow I would go full-fledged into Acting & Singing! Two of my biggest passions in life. Then it is Horses, Makeup, and Acting, Singing too not necessarily in that order but the list goes on from there. Bucket list I think I have done & lived that out for sure I need a new kind of list. #1 never retire because when you do to me it is like giving up! Working is so gratifying and giving and fulfilling to never stop doing and living life! Live, Love and Love again!

I started singing when I was about 11 years young which made working on American Idol the 1st 4 Seasons as Key Makeup Artist- such a dream and a treat! That is an entirely other chapter or for a new questions she hints...

<3 xo Alexis

What hair color you both use and brands

Submitted by: Elizabeth Houle

AV - I am a natural redhead born & raised lol! It was not too hard to play with the colors growing up. I tried back in the day Henna's and Sun In for my hi lights with Lemon Juice!! But know I am not able to color my hair it is too curly, long & it makes it difficult plus time consuming. We have used from Redkin as they make great Reds, to Goldwell colors, oh so many tried them all truly. We mix it up and use different Reds gold tones or copper sometimes. With me it is all a Mood thang ~ :) !! Highlights or just vibrant REDS with no surf lights I call them ;)! I feel lucky with my work and being an artist I can play and it is always art even if it does not come right it is still considered "Cool"! There is no mistake in art and therefore I do not have to be too conservative I like to be an innovator or cutting edge no pun intended! I love getting my hair colored and played with that is a Makeover for me I get that natural high and feel so great afterwards like a new person!! I am all about shine and glossing too! Shades or Colorance by (Redkin) or even old school Cellophane is cool sometimes ;) !! Healthy Hair is where it is at! Shiny shine, rich tones and color keep you looking Fresh! Beverly Hills Gavert's Atelier Salon-Wanata Stylist~ xo

Ooops caught in the act of no eye Makeup Ha..

Pamela how did you and Alexis first meet ?

Submitted by: Aaron Brian Braman

Pam - We met on a cover shoot for Playboy. The 'Conehead' cover with Dan Akeroyd. ;)

What is the most expensive make up product you have ever heard of or maybe what's the rarest?

Submitted by: Mychelle Finlay Salbashian

Pam - I was given a beautiful khol eyeliner from a princess in AbuDhabi it had a beautiful gold applicator. Magical.

What is the single most beautiful thing that gives nearly all women spark and the appearance of being a gorgeous woman? In your opinion what is the 'cherry on the top' that truly ignites a woman's beauty?

Submitted by: Darla Elliott-vanbenschoten

Pam - I think it's self confidence. I know when Im feeling insecure I'm much less beautiful. I can go back through my life in pictures and prove that.

What's the best boyfriend Pam has ever had and why?

Submitted by: Elizabeth Houle

Pam - I'll let Alexis answer that one. But I have to say Kelly and I had a very sweet connection. Unlike the rest.

Can I get your autograph Pam one day if you get time, just love what you stand for your a real women with lots of love!

Submitted by: Elizabeth Houle

Pam - I'm putting autographed pictures up for sale (not much) on my foundations website. Pamelaandersonfoundation.org
100 percent goes to my foundation